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Mesilla Valley Transportation Fleet Taps Auxiliary Solar System for 1,000 Vehicles

| August 9, 2017

Mesilla Valley Transportation Fleet Taps Auxiliary Solar System for 1,000 Vehicles

Mesilla Valley Transportation is going green — having recently purchased nearly 1,000 eNow auxiliary solar power system energy systems for its fleet of Navistar trucks.

Recently, Navistar’s SuperTruck program demonstration vehicle exceeded the improvement goals set by the Department of Energy for the SuperTruck program: achieving a freight efficiency improvement of 104% compared to the industry standard by attaining 13 MPG. The vehicle also demonstrated 50.5% Brake Thermal Efficiency (BTE) with plans to increase the effectiveness to 55% BTE.

As part of their efforts to create the ultimate fuel-efficient truck, Navistar and Mesilla Valley Transportation (MVT) tested eNow’s solar energy system.

“We’re always looking for innovative, more effective and efficient ways to operate,” said Royal Jones, CEO and President of MVT.

The results were clear, with MVT reporting an increased daily run time for auxiliary equipment, such as in-cab HVAC; increased battery life from 6 months to 2 years; saving approximately 3 gallons of fuel per day from reduced engine idling; and decreasing the maintenance cost due to the reduction in engine idling.

The results from Navistar Proving Grounds, combined with MVT’s testing, led to the purchase of the eNow energy systems for the MVT fleet.

“These are exciting times for the transportation industry,” says Jeff Flath, President & CEO of eNow. “Everyone is looking at ways to reduce cost, improve efficiency, and help the environment, simultaneously.”

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