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VuDrive Announces Complete Driver Monitoring Aftermarket Solution

| January 11, 2021

The device is TSP and fleet friendly and integrates smoothly to TSP clouds

Jungo announced today the launch of VuDrive, a complete aftermarket solution for fleets and Telematic Service Providers (TSPs), providing camera-based driver monitoring and recording. 

Based on Jungo’s award-winning and patented CoDriver AI software, VuDrive’s dual-camera provides in-cabin monitoring of drivers, with real time alerts for driver distraction and drowsiness, together with video clip recordings of both the cabin interior and the road, to give fleets and TSPs full information on the context of the event. 

The device is TSP and fleet friendly and integrates smoothly to TSP clouds, and includes comprehensive connectivity, such as 4G, Bluetooth and Wifi. The easy to install hardware provides the highest quality, affordable price and a flexible business model. 

Following extensive road trials by Jungo and customers, VuDrive is now generally available for trials by fleets and TSP’s. In addition to VuDrive, Jungo is licensing its underlying CoDriver AI software to OEMs, Tier 1’s, TSPs and aftermarket device manufacturers.

“VuDrive presents the next generation of real time camera-based driver monitoring aftermarket product, aimed at reducing accidents and better training of drivers”, said Ophir Herbst, CEO of Jungo. “VuDrive offers high quality yet affordable driver monitoring with dual camera recording, with easy installation and broad integration options for fleets and TSPs.”.

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